Prerequisites and Postrequisites

Almost every class being offered this year has additional requirements that cannot be met during the class session. Check the class description to see which requirements are going to be met for that session. The class description will also list which requirements must be completed by the scouts before coming to the event.


For prerequisites, each scout must fill out a prerequisite form. These forms are found under the “Forms” menu on the website, or in the packet. The scout will bring this form to his class and turn it in to one of the teachers. This is the only way that prerequisite requirements will be signed off by MBU staff. For may classes, we cannot teach other requirements if these prerequisites are not met. Please make sure that your scouts are prepared for their classes before the event.

The scout fills out the prerequisite form and the scoutmaster signs it off. This form can be downloaded here: Prerequisites Form


Scouts should not expect to complete every requirement for a class at MBU. We will do our best to teach as much as we can, but we are striving to be more focused on the quality of instruction rather than the completion of merit badges. Especially for Eagle Required merit badges, we will take all of the time we need to make sure that every scout knows what the requirement details. This means that your troop will probably have some scouts which will not complete every requirement at MBU. At the end of the event, when checking the results of the classes,  you will be able to see which requirements were not completed. You as a scoutmaster or merit badge counselor are responsible for getting them to complete these requirements.