Scouts and Parents

  • Blue cards WILL NOT be signed at this event
    • In order for the class to run efficiently, please complete your pre-requisites BEFORE you get your class schedule; even if you don’t get a requested class, you can use your completed work at a future MBU or summer camp
  • Prerequisite forms are available under the “Forms” section of the website
    • Print this sheet and fill our your requirements after you are given your schedules (1a, 1b, 1c, 2, etc…)
    • Counselors MUST sign-off prerequisites directly on this form before MBU
    • Bring this to MBU
      • Take it to each period
      • Give it to the instructor at the beginning
  • During passing periods, everyone will make their way to the location where opening ceremonies were held¬†with the staff leading.¬† Then, Scouts will be led to their next class by their instructors.

Presented by Venturing Crew 492 & Alpha Phi Omega