Scoutmaster Important Notes
  • Only one coordinator will be granted registration access for each troop on the registration page
  • Registration will open to all Districts and Councils on the same date this semester!
  • Blue cards WILL NOT be signed at this event!
  • Scoutmasters/Parents will be in charge of their Scouts during Lunch
  • Prerequisite sheets are available online under the “Forms” section
                 – Scouts need to print this and fill our their requirements after they are given their schedules (1a, 1b, 1c, 2, etc…)
                 – Counselors MUST sign-off prerequisites directly on this form before MBU
                 – Scouts need to bring a separate prerequisite form to each class and turn it in to their teachers.
  • During passing periods, everyone will make their way to the location of opening ceremonies with volunteer guides. From there, all classes in one building will be called out and once all students are collected, the group will be dismissed to walk over to their designated buildings with a group of instructors to their next period’s course. Then Scouts will be dismissed to go and find their classrooms.
                 – PLEASE make sure your Scout has their “Easy Breezy Scout Sheet” So they know where they will be going for each period!
                 – For lunch, we will ALL meet at the opening ceremonies location and walk to C4C together, or scouts will check out with scoutmasters to eat lunch with their parents or troop members.